Milk Delivery, From Bandung to Batavia

Milk Delivery, From Bandung to Batavia

The Dutch start their daily activities at 6 in the morning. At that hour, they enjoy breakfast before carrying out their daily activities. Fresh milk is an item that should always be on their breakfast menu. This habit encourages milk distributors to provide fresh ones before 6 in the morning.

The cattle breeding and milking company was a company that survived amidst the crisis of the 1930s. They raised and returned to meet the demand in the Dutch East Indies.

Bandoengsche Melk Centrale (BMC) building. Source: Nederlandsch weekblad voor zuivelbereiding en -handel magazine, 1937.

In Bandung, dairy businesses established Bandoengsche Melk Centrale (BMC) in 1932. The emergence of milk price competition threatened the sustainability of small dairy companies.

The existence of BMC stabilized the milk price in Bandung. Farmers could focus on the maintenance of cows and milk production. They no longer think about distribution issues.

Preanger produced the milk a long time ago. In the book Wajah Bandoeng Tempo Doeloe, Haryoto Kunto cites the notes of Heeren Medici. Medici traveled from Bandung to Batavia around 1786 and brought a bottle of milk for breakfast. A bad street-long trip shook it. Arriving at Rajamandala, Medici found that the milk had turned into granules of cheese and butter.

Cows from Friesche Terp farm, Pangalengan. Source: KITLV

Dairy-producing farms developed in Bandung in the early 20th century. Several well-known farms emerged, such as General de Wet, Lembangsche Melkerij Ursone, and De Friesche Terp. In 1932, 23 dairy companies supported the establishment of BMC.

Apart from being a distribution center for milk to meet the needs in Bandung, BMC distributes it to Batavia. Batavia’s position by the sea and hot weather made it impossible for the growth of dairy farms. There are only a few companies and small dairies. They could not cover the demand in Batavia.

Milk delivery trucks from BMC Bandung to Batavia. Source: Nederlandsch weekblad voor zuivelbereiding en -handel magazine, 1937.

The cooling installation technology helped the distribution. Its existence allowed BMC to deliver the milk to Batavia with a truck. The distance between the two cities is about 170 km.

The milk delivery trucks leave Bandung City at 20.00 and arrive in Batavia at 2.30 am. The milk had a temperature of about 4 degrees Celsius in Bandung. After traveling for six and a half hours, the temperature increased slightly to only 9 degrees Celsius.

In Batavia, a company called Moderna became the recipient of the milk from Bandung. They packed it in bottles before being distributed.

Deliveries distribute the bottles by bicycles. The bottles are already in front of the customer’s house, before breakfast time, at 6 am.

Moderna’s milk delivery bicycle in Batavia. Source: Nederlandsch weekblad voor zuivelbereiding en -handel magazine, 1937.

In 1936, Moderna expanded its market reach by producing milk packaged in 250 ml bottles. They also supplied chocolate milk with straws to the schools. A new flavor attracted the children and received an extraordinary response.

Adapted from the Nederlandsch weekblad voor zuivelbereiding en -handel magazine No. 51. Tuesday, March 23, 1937.

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